Polish manufacturer
of Jacuzzis and saunas

Europool Spa was established based on the experience of Europool company, which has been producing luxury outdoor pools since 2007. One of our most important goals is continuous development. This led to the creation of a unique project – Europool Spa, which aims to offer customers Jacuzzis and saunas of exceptional quality and distinctive design.

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"We are for those who demand

MORE, from themselves and others."

For over 15 years, we have been fulfilling our clients’ dreams of luxurious garden pools. In response to their needs, we have decided to expand our offer and create something that has not yet existed in Poland. Europool Spa is designed for individuals seeking the highest quality and products distinguished by luxurious design. We have combined years of industry experience with months of searching for the best solutions. These are not ordinary jacuzzis and saunas. It’s a whole new level of luxury and quality. Our clients desire luxury on their own terms. We want to provide them with a product that meets their most extravagant expectations.

No half-measures. No standard solutions. We want you to feel exceptional, from the moment you contact your personal advisor to your first spa evening at home. Let this journey be more than just a purchase. Let it be a step towards taking care of yourself and your loved ones, the beginning of a new chapter in a self-care lifestyle. Our mission is to create a unique experience that surpasses the boundaries of standard expectations. Every detail is carefully designed to deliver unforgettable moments to you.

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Quality that exceeds

We are well aware of the industry standards and understand that they are insufficient for our customers. We have spent a long time searching for components that will meet their expectations. Our Jacuzzi tubs and saunas are manufactured using certified materials from Canada and the USA. Production takes place in Poland, at our headquarters in Mogilno. Our specialists are renowned for their attention to the smallest details because it is precisely these details that distinguish premium products from standard ones.

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Design for
the body and senses

We guarantee that you won’t find Jacuzzi tubs and saunas like ours anywhere else. We want our customers to feel exceptional, which is why we offer products with exceptional looks. Europool Spa goes hand in hand with modern, luxurious interiors, combining the latest trends with elegance. It’s not just about design, but functionality, which our team of specialists works tirelessly on. It’s meant to be beautiful and ergonomic at the same time, to satisfy both body and senses.

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customer service

We believe that alongside our luxurious products, there must be VIP-level customer service. Each of our customers is taken care of by a personal advisor. It’s not just a regular transaction; it’s an interaction based on understanding your individual needs. We believe that customer service is not only about pre-purchase support but also ongoing care to ensure their satisfaction, making them feel truly exceptional.