Luxury Jacuzzis
and Garden Saunas

A cottage with a jacuzzi and sauna is your dream? Europool Spa exists
to make it come true! We are a Polish manufacturer of spa tubs and
saunas – where unique design and highest quality reign.


Popular jacuzzi models

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5-person jacuzzi tub

€12 200 net
€10 400 net

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5-person jacuzzi tub

€4605 net
€4144,50 net

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5-person jacuzzi tub

€6775 net
€6097,50 net

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5-person jacuzzi tub

€7600 net
€6840 net

Polish manufacturer
of hydro massage tubs

All our garden tubs and saunas are produced in Poland, at our headquarters in Mogilno. Our goal is for Europool Spa products to stand out with excellent quality and unmatched appearance compared to competitors’ products.


Tubs for those who demand
more from themselves and others

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quality and durability

Our goal is quality you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why we use components from the world’s best manufacturer – the Canadian company Gecko. This ensures our jacuzzi tubs have exceptional durability, operate quietly, and significantly save energy. The core of our tubs is made of acrylic, imported all the way from the United States.

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and attention to detail

There are few companies in Poland engaged in spa tub production. Europool Spa jacuzzis are manufactured domestically, at our headquarters in Mogilno. By opting out of mass production, we focus on attention to the smallest details. All pipes are connected using quick couplings without the need for glue. Furthermore, the assembly of jets itself doesn’t require glue, significantly increasing the durability of the jacuzzi and reducing the negative impact of production on the environment.

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Over 15 Years
of Experience

For over 15 years, we have been manufacturing luxury outdoor pools, understanding the crucial importance of osmosis resistance. Hence, the basins of our tubs are reinforced with a special Barrier Coat layer, safeguarding the structure. Europool Spa’s jacuzzi frame is made of stainless steel – a material of choice considering that many jacuzzi manufacturers opt for wooden frames, compromising durability to just a few years. Meanwhile, the casing is crafted from aluminum, ensuring it remains unaffected by sunlight exposure.

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for Body and Mind

Considerable attention has been dedicated to designing the optimal massage jet layout. By testing numerous seating and reclining configurations, we have achieved a comfortable and ergonomic space. The massage jets are strategically placed to effectively target the entire body, from shoulders to feet. We believe that with Europool Spa jacuzzis, you will not only experience moments of relaxation but also elevate the quality of your daily life.

Customer Service

We firmly believe that alongside our luxury products, top-tier customer service must be provided. Each of our clients is attended to by a personal advisor. This isn’t just a transaction; it’s an interaction based on understanding your individual needs.


Outdoor Sauna
from a Polish

Rest assured, you won’t find a sauna like
ours anywhere else. It’s not just about aesthetics
(though we’ve taken care of the design from
roof to the smallest screw), but primarily about
quality. For 15 years, we’ve been serving premium
clients, understanding that traditional solutions
don’t meet their expectations. This is a premium
product that will provide you with luxury
on your terms.

luksusowa sauna ogrodowa fińska
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Our sauna is constructed from wood that doesn’t heat up, warp, or require impregnation, thereby avoiding the release of chemical fumes.

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TULIKIVI Sauna Stove

Sauna stoves from a Finnish manufacturer made of cast stone, which has minimal safety distances and is safe even for families with children.

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Handcrafted Production

Every sauna we create is tailored to an individual design. We’ve completely eschewed mass production – only in this way can we ensure attention to the smallest details.

Let's Talk!

We understand that a home jacuzzi or sauna is an investment that raises
many questions. We're here for you and are eager to provide professional
answers to all your inquiries. Get in touch with us in whatever way is most
convenient for you: by phone, email, or through an online meeting.