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jacuzzi jasny akryl z ciemną obudową
jacuzzi jasny akryl z siwą obudową

Display – The Gecko YE3/K1001 waterproof touch display allows for control of every bathtub function, even when the user’s hand is wet.

Energy-efficient insulation – the bottom and walls of the bathtub are covered with foam with an additional thermal insulation film, and the acrylic is insulated with a polyurethane foam coating. This coating is capable of saving over 30% more heat produced, thus reducing energy consumption for water heating. Additionally, the moisture-resistant base provides sturdy insulation support from the ground.

Lighting – LED lamps, known for their exceptional durability and energy efficiency. The ability to change the lighting color creates a unique ambiance, especially at night.

wyświetlacz gecko wanna jacuzzi europool
wanna ogrodowa jacuzzi tarasowa

Filtration – a comprehensive filtration system with self-cleaning nozzles through an intense flow of water stream, making it easy and quick to maintain water cleanliness with minimal user involvement.

Nozzles and headrests – specifically designed nozzles (13 in total) and their spacing ensure that every area is thoroughly massaged during bathing. Headrests adorned with the EuropoolSpa logo.

Each bathtub is sent to the customer in a special EuropoolSpa cover, providing protection against damage.

Price: €6775 net
€6097,50 net

Price include:
– Protective cover
– Thermal cover
– Bluetooth Speakers
– Touch display

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